Cottonwood golf and lunch, June 11

IMG_1102 (1024x1024) (800x800)What a great day for a get together.  The sun was shining bright enough so that the 10 of us who went golfing had lots of light to look in the rough among the trees, and then we were joined by another 10 DFO Vancouver Island retirees and alumni for lunch.  The restaurant was disorganized this time, but we persevered and successfully received our brews and bites to eat.  Now let’s see if I can add a few pictures to this post…

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Bill Shaw retirement bbq Sat. June 20, 6 pm.

From: Luedke, Wilf
Sent: June-04-15 1:27 PM
Subject: Bill Shaw retirement bbq

Well…after not that long… it appears that Bill really misses all of us. So Diana and I would like to invite you to come have a beer and some salmon bbq with Bill Shaw in honour of his 34years with DFO, or maybe more importantly in recognition of the lasting relationship we all have as South Coast colleagues.

3520 Wiltshire Drive, Nanaimo

Saturday June 20, 4pm start. Dinner at 6pm.

The WCVI gang will cook… cost $15/person for salmon, beef bbq plus lots more.

Just byob and maybe a chair.

Please let Erin Campbell (250-756-7282) know if you can attend, and please pay her. Erin will also accept donations for a gift to Bill.


Ps. Winona…please forward to Jim Morrison and on to the other retirees.

From: Shaw, William
Sent: April-29-15 10:20 PM
Subject: Thanks for the memories

Well Folks this has to be the hardest email I have written. It is not easy to say goodbye to everyone but I will keep this brief. If I had written this on paper then the basket would be full. However, after 34yr in the Department it is time to leave. I have had a great ride. Met a lot of terrific people, made a lot of great friends, had the pleasure of working with many of you, shared many a meeting with you, stood with you when it got rough, admired how dedicated you are to the work and tipped many different blends of beer and scotch with you. Anyways it is my turn to leave and let the newbies take over the reins. Now that I am off I am currently very busy rebuilding boats and getting very good at applying fiberglass and gelcoat. I have 2 project boats in my front yard and if you need some advice on glassing don’t hesitate to call. I may be out fishing or on the golf course but will be happy to help out. Apart from the boats I will be pursuing a new career as a consultant – Yes, another one -. I can be reached at bill – 250-802-9367.

So thanks again for the memories.


Bill Shaw

Sad news: Jim Thomas

I thought with your DFO retirees contacts folks would be interested to know of the untimely death of Jim Thomas. Jim was the head of JO Thomas & Associates who, amongst other things contracts with the department on the Head Recovery Program. Jim was a long=time member of our Wednesdays, Fisheries Hockey Group.

As noted further details regarding the funeral arrangements with be forthcoming.

Wayne Knapp